You cant take risks with risk

Giving the earth a little TLC and your business a little less TCO.
Giving the earth a little TLC and your business a little less TCO.
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Safe working practices in a safe and healthy working environment are not the kind of thing you can take for granted. That's why the fourth element of ERIKS' Planet+ initiative concerns itself with positive risk reduction: because neither profit nor the planet can be allowed to come before people.

Planet+ is the ERIKS' initiative to create a better planet through what we do and what we choose not to do - whether it's choosing to be more energy-efficient, choosing not to pollute, or choosing to reduce risks for employees and customers at every stage of a product's life.

Like every other aspect of Planet+, risk reduction can have a positive effect on productivity and profitability. A safer and healthier working environment for employees can lead to increased productivity, as well as offering greater protection for employers against claims for industrial injuries.

Naturally, ERIKS' first step is to be responsible for its own actions and activities. So we take every possible step to reduce risk in our own working environment. Then we give our employees the know-how to help our customers to operate risk-free, and to educate customers' teams to continue to maintain a safe working environment
and safe working practices.

Reducing risk also means making use of the safest products and solutions available. Personnel Protective Equipment, for example, has evolved and improved enormously in recent years. From hearing protection to hand protection there is a huge range of options available to reduce the risk of personal injury, reduce fatigue, and increase productivity. With so much to choose from, expert help is essential to ensure you get the most effective product for the particular application - and ERIKS has the know-how to advise you.

Of course even the best equipment is useless if it's not used when required. Making sure the right person wears the right item at the right time is an essential part of risk reduction. ERIKS can advise on the growing area of equipment availability, issuing and inventory management, to give you complete control over who uses what equipment and when.

Another way to make the working environment safer is to make the products safer. ERIKS' product innovation is demonstrated by components designed to meet the Machinery Directive, or ATEX or EX regulations, and by the building-in of fail-safe modes. However even something as simple as reducing the weight of a component can have risk reduction benefits, by making it easier to handle, which can in turn lead to efficiency or performance and productivity benefits.

So positive risk reduction with ERIKS' Planet+ is not just about being safer. It's also about being more successful. Can you risk not getting involved?

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